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Seniart Story

SeniArt was established on 2015, but our experience in designing spans over 10 years. It is built steadily by the love of creating sublime pieces. Born in Cyberjaya, SeniArt revives the classical art by Japanese cutting-edge technology integration and giving a refreshing twist to the embroidery art.
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In our town, there is a rainbow with 400 colours. Let your imagination run free and we will paint your creativity with our colour machine. It’s your time to shine.
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We celebrate traditional arts and enjoy the contemporary ones. Our art pieces extends from calligraphy to portraits.
Big or small.
Old or new.
Black or white.
We believe nothing that we cannot do. The sky is not the limit.
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Our crafts are our pride. We endeavor our every client’s request and ensure the products are impeccable. There are no shortcuts to perfection. The soul that we put in our arts are what makes them exclusive.
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Knock On Wood

Cast away your bad luck and choose the best frame suit your style. We believe each art needs a great match of border, simply because everything looks great when paired up.
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The People

SeniArt dedicated team is a group of people with passion, ingenious and visionary. It comprises of two different generations that brought up in completely different era, and thus making the creative ecosystem complete. They produce fresh ideas, mash them up, and deliver exquisite eye candies.
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